Should Schools Be Virtual?

The old models of educating today’s children are changing dramatically with more charter schools and private academies popping up around the country every day. Virtual or online schools and classes are becoming a popular option as well.

While online classes have been available to university students for a while, they are now becoming a staple among younger learners. As people become more reliant on technology to run all aspects of their lives, should education become one of them?

As with all new things, there are issues with virtual education that come immediately to mind. Possible issues with technology working, connection to the Internet, and lack of social interaction are all problems that virtual education faces. However, depending on the family, this type of education can be a beneficial alternative to traditional schooling.

Allows for Consistent Education When Traveling

Today, there are many full time or part time travelers that jet set around the world with their children. There are many remote workers, so why not remote learners? An online education could help enable children to get a consistent education without fearing any gaps or repeated material when attending one physical location is not an option.

This is not only an option for travelers, but military families that may need to pick up and move frequently. Children in these situations would not have the anxiety of making new friends, learning teachers’ names, or feeling lost in a class that started months earlier. Virtual education is consistent and can be accessed with a laptop connected to the Internet.

Avoiding the School Bully

Online courses allow a child to learn in a safe environment, their home. This helps prevent bullying issues and allows a child to choose who he or she interacts with. While there is something to be said for the resilience built when problem solving with a peer, there are also many extreme situations when a child does not feel safe at school. In fact, there are some children who suffer mental health issues due to an interaction or series of interactions with peers that partake in bullying.

Flexible Schedule

Virtual courses are typically very flexible with scheduling. This can be crucial for older students who are working their first jobs. When there are children that have a packed schedule of work, the online ability to learn when convenient sets them up for success.

In addition to child actors, children with medical complications also benefit greatly from flexibility. No one wants their child to get sick; the last concern should be if he or she is missing classes.

Personalized Education

Education is becoming more tailored to the individual student. Virtual schools allow students to pursue their interests, strengths, and skills in order to build a foundation for the future they want. One form of education does not fit all and virtual schooling may be another option among many to elect.

Online education can be beneficial to those that have a nontraditional lifestyle or just want something a bit different.